6.5MM Manta Boot

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  • 6.5MM Manta Boot
  • 6.5MM Manta Boot
  • 6.5MM Manta Boot
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Aqua Lung's 6.5mm Men's Manta Boot is made from See-Flex Nylon II Neoprene Rubber with a 2-Color Compression Molded Rubber Sole.The Sole is made with a Built-In Arch, Raised Heel, and Two-Seam Pattern to Minimize Chafing of the Foot. And the Neoprene Inner Sole is 2 mm-Thicker than the 6.5 mm Upper for Added Warmth and Comfort. The Elevated Heel gives you the ability to Safely-Carry your Gear on Sand, Rocks and Lava, or on Wet Docks and Pitching Boat Decks. The Arch Support provides Stability and Supports the Foot and Ankle. For Easy Donning and Doffing the Manta Boot is equipped with a Non-Corrosive Delrin #10 Heavy-Duty Zipper and all Seams are Glued-and-Sewn for Strength and Durability.

  • See-flex Nylon II Neoprene
  • built-in arch support & raised heel for comfort
  • 2-Color Compression Molded Rubber Sole
  • Non-corrosive Delrin #10 heavy-duty zipper
  • Two-seam pattern minimizes chafing
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