Learn to SCUBA dive through our Basic Open Water Course.

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Basic Open Water is the course that provides you with your SCUBA "C" card and allows you do dive around the world.

There are 2 sections to the Basic Open Water. First, go to PADI.COM and sign up for the Basic Open Water course. List Wolf's Divers' Supply as you local shop and pay PADI the $217 fee for the e-learning.  Second, Sign up for the water portion of the class on line or at the store. This is the $300 you pay Wolf's Divers.  The total cost of the class is $517.

Our Basic course includes everything you need except your bathing suit. Wetsuit, Dive Gear, Training and both Pool and Open Water dives in local lakes are all included.

The class involves 8-10 hours of online e-learning with videos and multiple choice quizzes. Once you complete the e-learning we will spend 1 weekend, (Saturday & Sunday) in a local pool learning and demonstrating basic skills like flooding then removing and replacing your mask, regulator and other gear. You must be able to swim and float with your head above the water, and provide an acceptable medical screening questionnaire or doctor's approval to participate.


Follow this link to the PADI Open Water Diver course and list Wolf's Divers Supply as your local shop.

Scuba Diving Certification | PADI Open Water Diver


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